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Hello and welcome to our online world in the trees!

On our first date, amidst the usual getting-to-know-each-other banter, a truly unique commonality emerged that left us both astounded. We discovered that our childhoods were both graced by the presence of custom-made treehouses. These weren’t just any treehouses; they were sanctuaries where we spent countless hours – doing everything from laboring over school assignments to orchestrating exclusive clubs with our pals. It was an incredible revelation that resonated deeply with both of us, forging a connection that was as solid as the trunks that held our childhood retreats aloft. This serendipitous discovery on our first date undoubtedly planted the seeds for the extraordinary treehouse journey that we continue to embark on together today.

As we grew older, our fascination for treehouses evolved into a more adventurous endeavor. We set out with a lofty (pun intended) goal: to spend a night in a treehouse in every state in the United States, and eventually, every country around the globe. It’s a pursuit that has taken us to the most fascinating corners of the world, introduced us to the creative beauty of treehouse design, and connected us with an incredible community of fellow treehouse enthusiasts.

Our hope is that through this website, we can ignite in others the love for treehouses — both for building one for your own family and for visiting the many extraordinary treehouse rentals around the world. Whether you’re embarking on your first treehouse project or you’re a seasoned tree-dweller like us, we’re here to share insights, experiences, and a whole lot of treehouse love.